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Angus - Angus - 1997

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1.Where Are We Now?
2.Should Be Mine
4.Over Me
5.Wolf in Sheep's Disguise
6.Don't You Close Your Eyes
7.Walking Home
9.Still with Me
11.I'll Be Back Someday
12.Naked in the Wind


  • Mel Allen, drums/percussion
  • Matthew Angus, vocals/mandolin/guitar/producer
  • Karl Dietel, piano/keys/bass 
  • Scott McDonald, vocals/lead guitar
  • Rick Lee, vocals/percussion
  • Kim Williams, vocals/flute

  • Garth Hudson, accordian ("Where Are We Now")
  • Mike Slaven, guitar ("Don't You Close Your Eyes")
  • Angela Adams/Mef Gannon (The Partners), ("Don't You Close Your Eyes") 
  • Dave Tuttle, mandolin ("Should Be Mine")/banjo ("Walking Home") 
  • Dan Meyers, sax ("Should Be Mine", "Still With Me", "Don't You Close Your Eyes") 
  • John Flanagan, drums ("Deal", "Walking Home")

  • Mike Dandeo, engineer
  • Carter Humphrey, mix
  • Bill Dooley, mastering 
  • Aaron L. Hurwitz, producer/engineer ("Where Are We Now")