Demand Your Independents!

Political Pop - The Matt Angus Thing - 2004

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Roots Rock at it's finest. A dynamite mixture of Soul, Folk, Blues, Rock, and Gospel. Solid rythyms, smoking guitars - a fluid and graceful sound that is complimented by special guests Levon Helm(The Band), members of The Harlem Gospel Choir, and Bernie Worrell(Parliment Funkadelic).

Matt Angus - Vocals, Guitar, Engineer, Producer

Randy Artiglere - Bass, Vocals

Chris Hedges - Guitar

Tom Nelson - Drums

John Ginty - Drums (President Son)

Kathy Phillips - Vocals (Brings You Down)

Kim Williams - Vocals Keyboards

Anthony Krizan - Guitars

Dan Myers - Engineer

Levon Helm - Drums, Mandolin (Understand)

Bernie Worrell - Rhodes (Jenin)

Harlem Gospel Choir - Vocals

Carter Humphrey - Mixing, Engineer

1.  Brings You Down

2.  Right Beside You

3. Caught Onto You

4.  Stand

5.  President's Son

6.  Sweet

7.  If

8.  Understand

9.  What You're Hearing

10.  Folsom Prison

11.  Jenin

12.  Randy's Equation

13.  All Right